Evolution of a Vancouver Vegan

Lotus Seed is so proud to be a positive catalyst for spreading a healthy, quality lifestyle throughout greater Vancouver. We are very passionate about serving high-quality, healthy vegetarian delicacies that never lack the delectable taste that our customers have come to expect from us.

We are sincere in our promise to ethically source food that is both sustainable and fresh and pass it on to our neighbors at a reasonable price. Using only the purest ingredients, we prepare all meals carefully and discerningly. Our vegan restaurant is helping to create a healthy alternative for those that have made a firm commitment to taking care of their bodies, minds, and our beautiful planet.

You may be wondering how we got into the health food racket. It is actually an interesting story. About a decade ago, I was visiting the doctor for a routine visit and he was unexpectedly candid with me and my wife, Amy. He said, “If you want to live up to 60 years, you need to change your lifestyle.”

That moment really shook me to the core. He provided me with several prescriptions for various ailments. There were so many pills to take that maintaining that regimen was going to cost me a whopping $13 a day! I decided right then that this was not the way that I wanted to live out the rest of my life, and I gradually shifted away from all my unhealthy habits.

First, I gave up the late night partying, then I decided to stop smoking. I felt so good that I took the next logical step and gave up drinking altogether. I don’t even miss it, but I did need to find something else to fill up the extra time time on my hands. That is when I decided to do something to cleanse my mind and spirit and learned how to meditate.

After completely giving up pork and beef, I moved into the next phase of my plan to regain my health. I gradually slid into a vegan lifestyle by committing to the menu on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays before going all in after a trip to India. After India, I volunteered at the Salt Spring Center of Yoga for a season as their vegan restaurant’s head cook. It was an enlightening experience, and I felt better than I had in years. I felt stronger and more energetic and began going to the gym. I lifted weights and participated in yoga classes. That is when I decided that vegetarianism is the right lifestyle for me.

After serving and meditating at Merritt Vipassana for approximately 4 months, I learned how to perfect my vegan dishes, experience awareness, and volunteer to serve in a selfless manner without expecting a reward. I worked with new people every 13 days. It was certainly an uplifting experience. I even met a monk accidentally that I immediately connected with. Whenever he visits Vancouver, Amy and I are happy to volunteer to serve him.

These life-changing events led Amy and I to create the Lotus Seed Restaurant. We feel that all communities should have a place where they can comfortably meet with friends and family and enjoy a savory, taste-filled meal that is good for your health and longevity.