Holiday meal ideas for non-vegans

Let’s face it, the holidays is all about family and spending time together to enjoy each others company. One of the best and most common ways people come together is over a meal. Most families spend time before Christmas making cookies and other baked goods to give as gifts or share at an event or family gathering. Nothing beats creating those memorable moments where a parent and child can laugh and share stories over decorating sugar cookies or building a gingerbread house.  These are the memories that will last a lifetime! Traditionally, the holidays also means gathering for an abundance of family dinners. Whether it’s Christmas Eve, Christmas day or even after a hectic day of Boxing Day shopping, families and friends will typically sit down for a home cooked meal. Many people spend their day fixing side dishes and setting a lovely holiday table while the turkey or ham cooks in the oven. At Lotus Seed Restaurant, we want to introduce to you the idea of incorporating some vegan or vegetarian dishes into your meal! It’s simple, it’s delicious and it’s something which you can easily transition into a new holiday tradition!

Here are a few ideas for Vegan Christmas Meal ideas:


Provide a hearty soup or salad to begin the meal. It’s easy to keep these vegan and no one will even think twice about the fact that there’s no meat!


By “updating” some holiday standards like mashed potatoes and stuffing with new, ingredients and flavor profiles, people will begin to realize that there’s more to Christmas dinner than turkey. How about swapping out those somewhat boring mashed potatoes for roasted butternut squash with almond, pecan parmesan and kale? Have a family recipe for stuffing – perhaps change it up a little. Add some apricots to it. Apricots will compliment any cranberries you may already have in the recipe.


Pumpkin pie is always a hit! Why not try a gluten free crust and use maple syrup instead of processed sugars to sweeten it. Looking for a delicious, non- dairy alternative to whipping cream? Coconut whipped cream is the answer! Look for an organic coconut milk and give it time to set up in the fridge. Add a little vanilla bean and some maple syrup and your guests will be impressed and totally unaware that their dessert was vegan, gluten free!

Consider introducing vegan and vegetarian dishes to your family meals – not just during the holidays but throughout the year. It’s not as daunting as it may seem! And once you realize that it not only tastes great but makes you feel great, perhaps it will become a regular lifestyle choice for you and your family