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4 stars on 90 reviews.

I’ve been searching for Vegan Asian cuisine in an all vegan establishment, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve found one that I can rave about to everyone.

I naturally prefer food that isn’t deep fried whenever possible, so their baked spring rolls stood out at me. Although it lacked the crisp of a traditional spring roll, it was still bursting with flavour and the fresh variety of veg fillings made it healthy.

Their winner however was their Thai curry (see pic) ! Oh my goodness, if I could have their recipe I’d make it all the time, seriously!! I don’t think I’ve had better Thai curry anywhere else in the city!!

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Food for the soul and for the body. The owners are very friendly and always up for a chat, asking how was my day or week and talking about everything. The food is amazing, especially for vegans. Very friendly atmosphere. The burritos are my favorites. Highly recommended.

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Wonderful people serving incredible food! We’ve been customers for years and they never disappoint.

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4.5 stars on 40 reviews.

Amazing food
This is my first visit to this restaurant. It’s small and cozy and I ordered the vegan benedict which was absolutely fabulous.


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